Liu DongfengDongfeng Liu, is an award-winning Pianist of Latin and Jazz , Composer.
Fusing Chinese melodies with jazz harmonies and Latin rhythms, Liu, who wrote every song on the record, has produced a kaleidoscopic work that is global in scope, but also very much a personal document of his own interests as a musician. And the instrumentation is as varied as the source material.—–Downbeat
The rhythm section is tight and enthusiastic and Liu, in addition to his writing, proves a very capable jazz pianist on this often-infectious set.—–Jazziz Magazine
The inclusion of all of these distinctive timbres evokes an expansive global soundscape, somewhere between China and Cuba, the sounds, like smells, triggering specific memories, formerly incongruous, now strangely simpatico.—–New York City Jazz Record
He was invited to perform at Lincoln Center, Nicolas Music Center, St. George Theatre, Federal Hall-National Memorial,Carnegie Hall, Steinway Hall, Hefei Grand Theatre, Bona Starlight Theatre, Bryant Park, JZ Music Festival, Midi Music Festival, Beijing Jazz Festival, Beijing International Drummer Festival, Changjiang Midi Music Festival, Chongqing Jazz Festival, Shenzhen International Cultural Festival, Midi Taihu Music Festival, Beihai Music Festival, Nine Gate International Jazz Festival, Macao Literature Festival,  Boao Forum for Asia, etc. In2012, he was invited to make a special performance in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse for Chinese National leader .Voting member of NARAS(Grammy Awards).Jazz Artistic Director in New York Big Apple Festival. Invited to Serve as Judges at “Xing Hai Cup” National Piano Competition and “RU Voice” by RCSSA. Invited to Serve as Judges at CCTV Chinese Spring Festival For Children Competition. He graduated in Master of Music(Jazz) from Queens College, City University of New York.  The style of creation and performance is deeply influenced by Gonzalo Rubalcaba. Organize Dongfeng Liu band not only provides him a platform to show great respect to Jazz masters, but to show diversified style through the perfect fusion of Jazz and Chinese classic music. His band attracted John Benitez, Roberto Quintero  Grammy award-winning masters  joining . Having an exclusive interview with The South China Morning Post ”Explaining the development of Latin Jazz music in China” and The World Journal’s interview ”Jazz fusion folk music and breaks the limitations of imitation”. He released first Album “That Time” in 2014 and recorded second Album ”China Caribe” in New York 2018.  ZOHO MUSIC  Artist.
Kabir Sehgal who won two Grammy Awards and a Latin Grammy Award as a record producer and he is the New York Times bestselling author. Comment <<CHINA CARIBE>>this album——We thoroughly enjoyed the adventure of fusing cultures and civilizations. Liu has enriched and advanced that common language of all mankind—music.
He learnt classic piano as a child and acquired professional instruction of music in Shenyang Conservatory of Music accessorial middle school since 1993. During the years, Liu was instructed by a famous Italian Jazz pianist Donadel Moreno. Later, he graduated from Central Conservatory of Music as a bachelor. In 2010, Liu furthered his study of Cuban Latin piano in Cuba and taught by a well-known pianist and composer Alexander Boschez.  He’s  student of Gonzalo Rubalcaba, a world-famous Jazz musician that won Grammy Awards and Latin Grammy Awards for many times. And, he is praised for his great talent in Latin music by Gonzalo Rubalcaba . Liu has studied with world’s well-known Musicians David Berkman、Jeb Patton、Antonio Hart . And, at the same time, he’s studying composing and arranging from Michael Philip Mossman, a composer and arranger and winner of many sessions of Grammy Awards.
Since 2000, Liu’s main work was teaching and live performance. He has performed in different band composed of musicians from all over the world.  He led his band to active in New York now.
刘东风  旅美获奖爵士、拉丁钢琴家,作曲,编曲。格莱美奖评委。美国著名格莱美唱片厂牌ZOHO Music签约艺术家。首位荣登权威爵士杂志Downbeat 的中国爵士音乐家。Downbeat评价:“他独特的将中国旋律与爵士和声和拉丁节奏融合在一起,制作了一部独一无二的全球景象的万花筒作品。”全球权威爵士杂志Jazziz评价:“他的作品浓郁而热情,是一个非常有舞台感染力的爵士钢琴演奏家。” 受邀于钓鱼台国宾馆为中国国家领导人专场演出。CCTV国际频道报道,中国音乐与拉丁爵士音乐的融合首次在纽约亮相。新华社报道,中国音乐家在爵士乐中独树一帜。香港南华早报《South China Morning Post》独家人物专访,阐述拉丁爵士音乐在中国的发展历程 。《纽约世界日报》World Journal报道,民族融合爵士,打破模仿局限。纽约大苹果音乐节爵士乐艺术总监。中国星海杯钢琴比赛评委。美国RU Voice大型歌唱比赛评委。CCTV少儿春晚纽约赛区评委。曾受邀在 Bryant Park, Lincoln Center, Nicolas Music Center, St. George Theatre,合肥保利大剧院,北京博纳星辉剧院,Federal Hall- National Memorial,Carnegie Hall,Steinway Hall等演出。毕业于美国纽约皇后大学爵士演奏硕士。他的创作及演奏风格深受拉丁爵士大师Gonzalo Rubalcaba的影响,组建的乐队吸引了格莱美大师John Benitez与Roberto Quintero的加入。2014年中国发行首张个人专辑《That Time  2018年于美国纽约录制发行第二张专辑《China Caribe》,签约ZOHO Music厂牌。

      纽约时报最佳评论员、 格莱美及拉丁格莱美获得者Kabir Sehgal, 评价专辑<<China Caribe>>——We thoroughly enjoyed the adventure of fusing cultures and civilizations. Liu has enriched and advanced that common language of all mankind—music.此张专辑2018年九月首发音乐会于美国Carnegie Hall(卡内基音乐厅)票房售罄,获得专业媒体与乐迷的高度赞誉。

   自幼学习古典钢琴,1993年考入沈阳音乐学院附中接受专业音乐教育,期间跟随意大利籍著名钢琴家Moreno Donadel学习爵士钢琴演奏,后取得中央音乐学院学士学位。曾获得美国曼哈顿大学爵士钢琴大师Phil Markwize亲授专家课。于2010年,赴古巴系统的学习了古巴拉丁钢琴与古巴民族打击乐,师从古巴著名钢琴家、 作曲家 Alexander Boschez,更为有幸的成为了世界拉丁爵士大师、屡获格莱美及拉丁格莱美大奖Gonzalo Rubalcaba唯一的一位中国学生,并赞扬其在拉丁音乐上的突出才能。曾跟随 David BerkmanJeb PattonAntonio Hart及荣获多届格莱美得主的作曲家、编曲家Michael Philip Mossman学习编曲、作曲。丰富的教育背景,让他的演奏突现了深厚的专业音乐功底。融入拉美元素的原创作品,更得到了众多乐迷的簇拥。曾受邀表演于JZ音乐节,Midi音乐节,北京爵士音乐节,北京国际鼓手节,长江Midi音乐节,重庆爵士音乐节,深圳国际文化节,Midi太湖音乐节,北海音乐节,九门国际爵士音乐节,澳门文学节等。与世界各国的音乐大师频繁合作,现带领他的乐队活跃于美国纽约。