Xinhua Net by Mu Xuequan

Chinese musician takes unique adventure in jazz

NEW YORK, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) — A Chinese musician held a concert to showcase the charm of Chinese jazz in on Friday.

At the Carnegie Hall, a historic landmark in New York City, Liu Dongfeng, a Chinese composer, arranger and pianist, teamed up with his multicultural band and performed all the eight songs from his newly released album, “China Caribe.”

Drawing on musical influences from his native China, Liu wrote the music by fusing Chinese melodies with American jazz harmonies and Caribbean rhythms, a unique style which he called “Chinese jazz.”

Kabir Sehgal, who won two Grammy Awards and a Latin Grammy Award as a record producer, once commented Liu’s music as “peerless, meditative and magnificent.”

“As a musician, I think it’s my mission and vision to introduce more Chinese traditional music to international audience. To produce a kind of kaleidoscopic work that combines various instrument including Chinese lutes, erhu as well as western brass and percussion, is my new adventure on this front,” Liu told Xinhua.

Born and raised in China, Liu felt a deep affinity for the music of the Caribbean. He released his first Album “That Time” in 2014 and recorded the second Album “China Caribe” in New York in 2018.

Friday’s concert attracted more than 200 music fans.

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