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Piano, bass, trumpets and keyboards are quite common in western jazz. But a musician from China has some different ideas. He brings traditional Chinese instruments to jazz, and had just held a concert in Carnegie Hall, New York City. Let’s take a look.

Liu Dongfeng is a Chinese composer, arranger and pianist. He formed a band with members of different backgrounds, and they performed all the eight songs of his newly released album, “China Caribe.” Besides traditional Chinese melodies, Liu’s music also fuses elements such as American jazz and Caribbean rhythms. From Chinese lutes, pipa and erhu to western brass and percussion, Liu uses a variety of instruments in his music. He calls the unique music style “Chinese jazz.”

SOUNDBITE(Chinese)LIU DONGFENG, Chinese Composer, Pianist:
“As a musician, I think it’s my mission and vision to introduce more Chinese traditional music to international audiences. I found even a lot of professional musicians don’t know the pipa or erhu. That inspired me to compose this album. I want more and more people from across the world to have a deeper understanding of Chinese music, Chinese culture and Chinese instruments.”

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