Downbeat News–Dongfeng Liu Ties Together Disparate Strands of Music

Dongfeng Liu was born and raised in China, but always felt a deep affinity for the music of the Caribbean. On the 38-year-old pianist’s sophomore album, China Caribe (Zoho), he explores that connection in a way that perhaps no artist has before.

Fusing Chinese melodies with jazz harmonies and Latin rhythms, Liu, who wrote every song on the record, has produced a kaleidoscopic work that is global in scope, but also very much a personal document of his own interests as a musician. And the instrumentation is as varied as the source material.

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近日,继美国纽约卡内基音乐厅成功发布专辑《CHINA CARIBE》音乐会后,旅美爵士钢琴家、拉丁钢琴家刘东风出任2019年第61届格莱美奖评委,是格莱美奖(Grammy Awards)评委中为数不多的中国音乐家,同时也是首位进入格莱美奖评委领域的华人爵士音乐家,他将引领中国爵士音乐走进格莱美。获得格莱美奖评委资格需要严谨而漫长的审核,不是每一位会员都可以获得评委资格。格莱美奖的评审会由制作人、乐器演奏家、作曲家等资深音乐从业者组成。高度体现了格莱美奖专业、严谨、公正的精神。

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Zoho Rising: Jazz Label as Creative Force | The Deep End by Marc Phillips

Zoho Music is a record label that you’ve never heard of. Which isn’t surprising. But it is a shame.
Think about the numerous Golden Ages of Jazz and you’ll invariably start mentioning all the innovative artists who propelled the genre into musical history. Any mention of famous record labels becomes almost secondary—Miles Davis delving into modal jazz in the Columbia Studios, recording engineer Rudy Van Gelder sitting in the Blue Note studios and making sure all those classic recordings sounded just so. Think about Riverside’s relationship with Thelonious Monk and how John Coltrane put Impulse! on the map right from their inception. Think about Mingus and Atlantic, Verve and Herbie Hancock, and Savoy and Bird. Those were the days, right?

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爵士钢琴家刘东风先生近期在美国纽约录制完成了2018年最新拉丁爵士专辑《 CHINA CARIBE》,中文名《东风西渐》。历时近一年的创作及后期团队制作,让世界首次听到了中国民族乐器与西方拉丁音乐及爵士音乐的融合。与屡获格莱美奖得主John Benitez(Bass)、十七次格莱美获得者Roberto Quintero(Percussion)、著名爵士鼓手Francis Benitez(Drums)、杭盖乐队及蜚声国际的琵琶演奏家闵小芬、青年二胡演奏家杨飞飞的合作更为这张专辑抹上了浓重的一笔。

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